DW-600C DigiWeigh Clock Scale
DW-600C DigiWeigh Clock Scale

DW-600C DigiWeigh Clock Scale

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The DW-600C is both a handy clock, and a powerful digital scale accurate to within 1/10th gram. Whether you need to weigh gems or other small items, or if you need to weigh foods as part of a calorie-controlled dietary program, you’ll love the ease of operation as well as the accuracy this nifty little scale provides. Features include:

  • “Touch and Light Up” sensor for easy operation
  • High quality strain gauge load cell system for perfect accuracy, every time.
  • 600 gram capacity
  • Durable for use under all kinds of conditions – the high-density ABS housing and metal support make this ideal for use wherever and whenever you need it!

The DW-600C personal scale is also equipped with a blue backlight that makes it both attractive and easy to read, even under low light conditions.

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