Lily England Detangling Brush

Lily England Detangling Brush

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Ask yourself - are you guilty of torturing your hair with cheap and useless hairbrushes that rip, yank and tear knots from your hair?

If the answer is yes, help is at hand from the new innovative painless detangler from Lily England.
  • NO MORE having to rip out hairs to get rid of those pesky knots
  • NO MORE dreading washing your hair because you know what will come next
  • NO MORE looking at a huge clump of hair in your brush and thinking “that can’t be good”
How can our innovative detangler brush design fix all of this?
  • The secret lies in the unique and clever distribution of the 274 bristles positioned at strategically different heights. This cleverly splits the pressure applied on your hair so that it is enough to remove a tangle but not enough to pull your hair out. The bristles are designed to be flexible to gently glide through knots without damaging your cuticles. The result? Hair perfection.
  • The luxe gold or silver design will take pride of place on your dressing table.
  • What else is awesome about the design?
  • The brush has smooth rounded bristle tips that stimulate your scalp.
  • Our ergonomically designed brush handle fits right into the palm of your hand and makes brushing your hair faster and easier.

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